Web Conferencing Used as a Form of Swine Flu Prevention

As an alarming number of swine flu cases are making the headlines across the globe, fears are spreading regarding crowded areas and the risk of traveling. Officials are scrambling to find a swine flu vaccine, while in the meantime Mikogo is urging the uptake of web conferencing in order to keep traveling to a minimum and prevent further spreading and infection.

Mannheim, GERMANY April 27, 2009 – Following yesterday’s declaration of a US public health emergency, and further reports of swine flu threats appearing globally, health officials are warning people away from traveling with possible travel restrictions to be enforced. In an effort to prevent further spreading of this new virus, employing desktop sharing technology to avoid both travel and exposure to large populated areas, would appear to be one quick way to battle the virus.

American health officials announced the public health emergency following the report of a confirmed 20 cases of swine flu across the US. In Mexico, where the flu is believed to have originated, up to 1300 people have been reportedly infected, and up to 103 people have been killed as a result of the virus. In fact suspected cases have appeared across almost every continent with people presented to hospital in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Spain.

It has been a growing concern of scientists for some time now, that the next new flu virus would lead to a global pandemic. A flu pandemic would occur under the conditions that the new virus spreads easily with severe symptoms and consequences, with the majority of people being susceptible to the virus.

With possible cases and symptoms already appearing over oceans, a pandemic is a clear concern and travel restrictions are no doubt a wise and safe preventive measure. Travel bans and strict quarantine restrictions on travelers are now the hot topic of discussion, with the World Health Organization expected to make a decision on the pandemic alert level on Tuesday that could result in serious implications for travelers.

As officials race to stop the virus from spreading further, companies are urged to find alternative actions to traveling for the sake of business meetings. By canceling travel plans, people can avoid the risk of being exposed to large crowded areas and minimize any chance of being infected with the new swine flu.

Such a travel alternative which is readily available for companies at any time, is the use of desktop sharing technology in order to organize their upcoming meetings via a web conference. Companies can quickly and easily organize their meetings over the Internet using Mikogo and consequently keep traveling to a minimum and be prepared for any travel restriction announcements.

While officials have started working on a swine flu vaccine, companies are already able to employ Mikogo’s free desktop sharing solution today, as a free alternative to traveling. Further information is available at: http://www.mikogo.com